Salting / Ice Control Services in Mission Region

Are you looking for ways to control the ice build-up in your property? Contact us now to know about how our salting and professional ice control service in Mission can help you in managing and controlling the build-up of ice in your property.

If you want to remove the snow and reduce the frequency of snow removal sessions, you can try out our salting and ice control services. Call us to know more about how these services can be useful to you during winters.

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If you want to keep the ice and snow away from your property areas, you can book our salting service. In this, we pour the salt solution on the snow-prone areas to melt the snow and make the surface slip-free. Your sidewalks, roads around your property and the entrance can sometimes get accumulated with ice and snow which blocks the way or causes accidents whenever someone tries to pass through this way. This can easily be cleared by salting.

Ice Control

If you leave any part of your property unattended for a long period of time, a substantial amount of ice and snow gets accumulated in certain regions. Although this may seem very pretty to look at, when it is left the same way, it can lead to a major safety hazard. If you want to avoid such a situation wherein the chances of accidents due to slipping increases, you must definitely book our ice control/ice removal service in Mission BC. We make use of high-end materials like calcium chloride, sodium chloride and brine solution to control the ice on your property.


You are responsible for getting the areas in and around your property to be cleared of ice and snow. If some accident occurs due to ice in or around your property, you would be held liable.

Salting is a procedure that is made use of by several countries which experience harsh winters. During such a process, the salt is put all over the area covered with snow. This melts away the snow and makes the surface slip-resistant.

We are experienced in providing the ice control services for your walkways, sidewalks, driveways, roads, and every other space in and around your property.

You can go to the “Contact Us” section and fill out your requirement and we will get in touch with you.

In winter, the weather is very unpredictable. To deal with such unforeseen snowstorms and snowfalls to avoid accidents, ice control services are very important.

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